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Here are the assumptions upon which The Game is based. Arising from these assumptions, are proposed visions and actions for how we can win The Game.

1 We live in critical times, within a window of great danger and great opportunity. We are going through an enormous transformation in the structures of our global civilization as more and more of us are coming to realize that "we are all in this together" and that we need to develop more appropriate and effective ways of living together peacefully and sustainably within the Earth's biosphere. We are coming to understand that we are part of a great web of life and that to live sustainably requires that we honor the requirements of the living systems of the Earth.

This period of transformation will require that we assess the nature of damage that has been done to our biosphere and that we make it a top priority to work in harmony with Nature to regenerate and rebalance our Earth's living systems. This period may also include development of ocean-based habitats and perhaps early migration into the near-Earth universe and development of space habitats and manufacturing facilities. Whatever habitats are designed and built must contribute to the rebalancing of the Earth's living systems which serve as the underpinning of human civilizations.

2 Happiness and well-being requires a basic level of material security. After we achieve this basic level of material security, greater happiness comes from developing ourselves as human beings, high self-esteem, good relationships with family and friends, a larger sense of purpose and meaning in our lives, and using our talents to contribute to others and to society. Recognizing and acting effectively on this assumption will help reduce some of the material strains being placed on the biosphere.

Each one of us is a unique individual with valuable gifts to share with our Global Family and the Earth. All of us will benefit as each of us develops and shares our gifts.

4 Synergy brings greater power. When individuals work together, effectively pooling knowledge and other resources, the collective creative effort is greater than the sum of individual efforts.
5 The burgeoning array of telecommunications tools gives us an ever-increasing capability to consciously link up our individual minds to create an emerging "global mind." Developing a "global mind" will enable us to develop a far more accurate map of reality, of who we human beings are and of our immense gifts and possibilities for consciously creating a new world together. As our "global mind" becomes more developed and more integrated, we will find ourselves with unprecedented new capabilities to help us win The Best Game on Earth—and to design the next Great Game.
6 Both as individuals and as groups, people interpret and pattern information into maps of reality, or "stories" about reality. These maps or stories shape our ideas about our relationship with reality and about what can and should be done. We tend to believe that our maps or stories about reality are reality. We often fight over our differing stories, which is a tremendous waste of human and other resources. The stories we tell ourselves can empower or disempower us, give us energy or deplete our energy. Empowering and transformational stories are very important tools for transforming the life game. Everyone has stories to share. We need places to share our stories and artistic ways to weave them together.
7 Currently, the mass communications media focus much attention on humanity’s violence, incompetence and banality, creating quite a negative collective story about humanity. A greater emphasis on positive stories about human beings will help inspire us to effective action. We can begin this process by sharing positive stories, transformative stories in as many places as we can find or create.
8 To create peace, health, prosperity and justice on Earth by the Year 2030 will require that we clarify the following:
  • What these conditions—peace, health, prosperity, justice— will look like when we have acheived them;
  • what is required to achieve these conditions;
  • how to develop fully the consciousness and capabilities of each one of us;
  • how to develop fully our ability to work together as a team; and,
  • how to organize ourselves most effectively to match up information, skills and other resources with needs.
9 Certain problems, needs and priorities are not being acknowledged or dealt with effectively at this time. It is critical to establish what these are—quickly and accurately—and to find solutions. Solutions for complex problems will be found at a higher level of order, a higher systems level. In solving problems, meeting needs and setting priorities, we need to develop and nurture a culture of wisdom and of collaboration.
10 People will enjoy doing useful, beautiful, creative activities that are in alignment with a shared purpose they can believe in. If there are people who do not, this is because the current systems and institutions have in some way suppressed their wholeness and aliveness. Within the pool of global talent and awareness, we have the capabilities to heal ourselves and return to our wholeness and full aliveness. By thinking, dreaming, planning and working together, we can heal ourselves and the Earth. By playing The Game, we can facilitate humanity's transformation and make the process an enjoyable and enlivening one. Together we can win The Best Game on Earth.

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