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1 Within 1-3 decade, social systems and institutions are redesigned to support the health, well-being and full development of everyone, as well as the optimum health of our biosphere. If off-Earth migration takes place, it is done in a way which is maximally healthful for the Earth and the broader Universe.)

We consciously design an economic and social structure, or set of structures, which nurtures Earth stewardship, full human development and our ability to collaborate. We minimize consumption of scarce nonrenewable resources and develop abundant, non-harmful substitutes for them.

2 All basic needs of all people are met. People are happy and prospering; we constantly seek greater wisdom and new insights into how we can do better. We pool our creative abilities and knowledge to find and implement more ecologically balanced, healthy, fulfilling and joyful ways of living in harmony with Nature and the Cosmos.
3 Each one of us is loved, valued and respected. Each one of us has the opportunity and the support of the Global Community to develop his or her gifts fully and share these with the Community.
4 Every person is appreciated and acknowledged as a valuable member of society. Life-long learning is the norm. We are surprised and delighted at the great leap in our wisdom, self-esteem and joy in living. Social and economic systems support these things. Each person is supported by the Community in finding his or her appropriate work—work which ennobles, empowers and brings joy.
5 We choose life and aliveness. This choice leads to a global Renaissance and to realizing the goals of The Best Game on Earth. We are surprised and delighted by the extent of our success.
6 We use our global telecommunications capability to develop and share positive stories— concrete examples of effective actions which energize and support us in working together as a Global Family.
7 People have accurate and timely information with which to make informed, life-enhancing choices in their lives. People are encouraged and supported to grow in wisdom, love and competence. We all share a growing and inspiring sense of being part of a Global Family, a Global Community.
8 We live in a peaceful, healthy, just and prosperous world, dynamically engaged in improving the quality of life for all by matching up needs and opportunities with resources, designing systems and structures that help us do this effectively and enjoyably. We share a common understanding of what is meant by peace, health, prosperity and justice. We play by the rules of The Game. We honor and appreciate one another.
9 Priorities are clearly and consciously set—and met. Social and environmental needs are met. People work together effectively and enjoyably to create social systems to meet these prioritized needs and to improve their effectiveness in an ongoing way.
10 We create a global civilization in which everyone’s basic needs are satisfied, each one’s gifts are valued and well used. Each person is rewarded for doing what he or she loves and for working well with others. We create peace, health, prosperity and justice universally on Earth by the year 2012—and use that condition of universal well-being as a "springboard" for choosing our next shared goal and declaring the next Great Game we want to play together.

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