The Game Description Perspective Transformation Stories Susan & John Story


1 Clarify in detail the kind of world in which we want to live. Assess what is needed to create this kind of world. Assess available skills and resources for creating this kind of world. Set forth clear milestones and a "critical path" to a world of peace, health, prosperity and justice. Make accurate assessments of what else is needed to achieve the goals. Involve the public in this process.

Look for root causes and solutions to problems. Reduce unnecessary consumption. Build more durable products and provide better quality service. Develop and use non-polluting technologies wherever possible. Make personal lifestyle changes toward this end.

2 Develop a widespread conversation about these things. Ask key questions, in a respectful and appreciative way, to stimulate thinking and encourage involvement. Develop effective self-evaluation skills and support systems for people in transition. Create entry points and support systems for people who want to participate in building a true global community. Create vehicles for improving communication skills, for increasing empathy and appreciation for differences, for solving problems. Create opportunities for people to express themselves and heal themselves. Above all, set a personal example for what we want to see become the universal norm.
3 Commit ourselves to being more conscious and respectful of self and others. Develop better listening and observational skills. Clean up destructive patterns of thinking and acting.
4 Build data bases of good models for enhancing health and self-esteem and wisdom, for improving specific skills that are needed for playing The Game effectively and enjoyably . Use these data bases to support individuals and groups in playing The Game. Redesign social and economic arrangements to support individuals and groups in improving their ability to play The Game.
5 Make clear the nature and implications of the choices we face. Be as accurate and truthful in doing this as possible. Assist in developing, coordinating and publicizing positive examples Player activities around the Earth.
6 Integrate the many positive examples of action into a new global story of how humanity can and is becoming 100% successful. Create avenues of participation for people to co-create a positive global story in which everyone is a hero or heroine.
7 Redesign the economic system to support widespread public knowledge, discernment and wisdom. Release classified information that is critical for the public to know so that we can take appropriate action. Release this information in a responsible manner, so that the public is empowered by the knowledge. Develop high quality learning skills in schools and life-long learning programs.
8 Create a comprehensive data base of problems, opportunities, resources, talents, projects and programs and ideas that can make a positive contribution to winning The Game. Design telecommunications systems that can assist us in matching up needs and resources in an ongoing way. Design and implement an information age economy to support us in playing The Game effectively and enjoyably.
9 Tell the truth about needs and priorities—in a timely fashion. Pool our knowledge, wisdom and insights on what needs to be done and how to do it. Do this in clear language understood by everyone. Listen respectfully to each other. We appreciate our differences and see these are a great strength. We do our best to utilize and acknowledge the contributions of each person. Our "best" keeps getting better.
10 Begin at the personal level to assess our needs, skills, interests and resources. Develop close relations and mutual trust with others. Do our best to follow The Game's rules and to keep the goals of The Game in mind as we move forward. Evaluate our efforts honestly and seek to improve our performance in an ongoing way. Acknowledge and appreciate each other as we move forward together.

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