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The Seed Crystal Story

A seed crystal is the tiniest unit of a larger crystalline structure. The seed crystal contains all the facets that characterize a particular type of crystal and, thus, is the basic building block from which the larger crystalline structure can grow.

If you drop a seed crystal into a supersaturated solution of liquid, that entire solution will crystallize out into the new crystalline structure almost instantaneously. All the chemicals in the solution—i.e., the available resources in the liquid—quickly find their places in relationship to the seed crystal, adding onto every facet, more and more and more, in all directions at once!

Today, society is like that supersaturated solution, full of resources and people and a growing sense of frustration and discontent….looking for Something New that makes sense…..

Together let's build a beautiful new seed crystal: The Best Game on Earth.  As we "drop" this into global society, we can to transform human civilization quite rapidly on a global basis.

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