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Facets of the Seed Crystal

The Game is comprised of eight parts, each of which can stand on its own. Together, however, these integrate to form the tiny seed crystal of a new kind of global civilization. Some of these parts are fairly well developed, while others are still largely in the conceptual stage. However, there may be people, somewhere out there on Earth, who are already working on these...or who have the needed skills to make these happen. We need your help to link up with people who can help complete the Seed Crystal.

Goals and Rules of The Game: The Goals and the Rules set the playing field and the guidelines for how to play The Game effectively.

Protocols for joining The Game: While many people may choose to play The Game without formally joining, The Best Game on Earth offers a variety of resources and support for those who wish to join. [Membership program to be developed.]

Training Programs: Training programs are for learning specific skills and information that will assist you in playing The Game more effectively.

Game Adventures and Learning Environments: Game Adventures and Learning Environments are designed to give you concrete opportunities to test your Game-playing skills in action. There are various levels to challenge you as your skills increase.

Video / Audio Component: This is the “documentary soap opera” that tells the real story of real peoples’ lives who are playing The Best Game on Earth. A co-created "reality TV show" to inspire each other with our epic achievements!

Database of Players: This will be a database of who is doing what and who needs what. A place to find your fellow Players in The Game. This will eventually include a data base of projects, programs, resources and other useful information for Game Players.

Special Projects: Special Projects are specific activities that offer enormous potential for leveraging transformation in some area of society.

Butterfly Tokens: Within The Game, we are in the process of creating Butterfly Tokens to use for making transactions within The Game. When you join The Game as a Player, you will receive a starting Butterfly Account of Butterfly Tokens.

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