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A tiny tale of great transformation...

In the opening years of the new Millennium, humanity is being challenged to make fundamental changes—changes that are as great as the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

For over two centuries, industrialized society, like the caterpillar, has been gobbling up enormous amounts of resources. Today, we have begun to see the terrible impact of indiscriminate consumption and development on the Earth's biosphere. But where do we go from here?

For the caterpillar, the next stage of development is the chrysalis, in which the cell structure of the caterpillar's body begins to break down. Similarly, today we read and hear much about "chaos" and "chaos theory" in organizations and in society as a whole. Familiar social and economic patterns are breaking down, while the new patterns of a post-industrial society have not yet become clear.

Within the disintegrating body of the caterpillar, new and radically different cells—so-called "imaginal cells"—suddenly appear. These early imaginal cells are killed off by the immune system of the caterpillar who recognizes them as "enemies"—much the same way forces within the "human body politic" destroyed Christ or Joan of Arc... or later, destroyed Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Humanity as a whole was not yet ready to embrace a new possibility for humankind, bringing about the qualities of heaven on our lovely Earth.

But then, more and more imaginal cells begin to appear.  Now the caterpillar is disintegrating into an unrecognizable "soup"—which "feeds" the rapidly proliferating imaginal cells. The imaginal cells begin to clump and cluster together, gaining strength as they join forces with each other, sharing information and building further resonance with one another.

Within the gathering chaos of today's society, those who sense the stirring of a New Possibility are similarly joining with others of like mind and heart. We are "clumping" and "clustering" together, sharing our stories and dreams, weaving these stories and dreams together, building a common resonance and a Shared Story. A sense of urgency grows within us. What is it that we sense? What is it that we wish to create together?

We are dreaming dreams of new possibilities….of a Beautiful New World. These lovely dreams inspire us to action. As these dreams and visions grow clearer, we begin to align with others ever more purposefully. "What can we create together?" "What can I contribute?" "What else is needed?" "How can we do this in a way that most honors each one of us?" The pace of transformation quickens. The aliveness of these purposeful "Soul Partnerships" attracts new people....more dreams are shared.…The pace of transformation quickens again.

Perhaps we are beginning to witness tentative new patterns of a more enlightened global civilization—a "butterfly civilization"—being formed by these voluntary partnerships of people drawn together by similar dreams and goals and values.  Like the butterfly's tiny imaginal cells, we are each attracted by our deep inner impulses to play our appropriate parts—to do what gives us joy—and to support one another. We discover greater aliveness in our lives. The pace of transformation accelerates ever faster.

In recent decades, we have seen the emergence of almost a new "species" of person—one who thinks more collaboratively, who recognizes that the Earth is one vast interconnected living system of which we are a part. Many of these people have been working alone or in small groups. Now we are coming together, seeking ways to build the New World of which we have been dreaming in our chrysalis….a way for human beings to live together in peace, health, prosperity and justice on our lovely Earth.

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